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Last off-topic post

As I mentioned in my last post, I would create one more post relating to my book, DNA: the elephant in the lab. This is short…a link to a 10 min video giving some background to the book:

YouTube video about origin of life

Next post will be back to NDEs.

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13 thoughts on “Last off-topic post

  1. Samwise on said:

    Nice video. I will add your book to the list of books I have to read. It is a long list though, so it might take some time. Best of luck to you.


    • Thank you Samwise, and to all your ongoing comments and contributions. I will turn my attention at some point writing a better version of my original book on the AWARE study, however, I am going to work on a novel before then…about NDEs of course!


  2. I fully agree about the media and “fake news”. I don’t read into evolution but I do read a lot about consciousness, and all the time you see articles claiming “scientists have found the origin of consciousness”, or more commonly the “consciousness has been proven to be an emergent property of the brain” hand wave. Anyone who thought about this carefully will see emergent property is just another word for magic. What science usually mean by emergent property is weak emergence, unexpected properties of a system that’s very hard to calculate and is not present in the constituents of the system. The emergence consciousness would be strong emergence, and is nothing short of magic. Yet so many youtube comments and news articles spam that consciousness has been resolved already or is close to. And you also get the occasional idiot claiming consciousness doesn’t exist (COUGH dennett COUGH). The same applies to NDEs, so many articles claim NDEs have been explained by “scientific ways”, what I find amazing is why science is synonymous with materialism to almost everyone. NDEs do require “scientific explanations” but that’s not only including chemicals/disturbed brain hallucinations, angers me a lot to see anything not solid stuff material theory is seen as pseudoscience. And I really do believe everything is “material”, just that we have no idea what “material” really is (e.g. quantum physics postulate all material are actually immaterial vibrating fields), almost everyone still thinks science is synonymous with the billiard ball solid physical stuff materialism.


    • Excellent post Chad. The Matrix I is my favourite movie of all time because it explores this whole subject of the nature of reality and consciousness. When you understand that the vast amount of “solid” space is in fact nothing…i.e. the actual space that protons and electrons tale up is minuscule, it is possible to understand that the entire universe could be a “construct” of a scientific mind. When you add in to that the description of the afterlife that many NDEs include, i.e. they describe it as “more real”, then we may begin to understand things in a different context. Naturalism is a purely objective philosophy imposed on the scientific community by materialist scientists.


  3. lurker #2 on said:

    Thanks for sharing the video, it was very interesting. I bought the kindle of your book and look forward to reading it.


  4. Regarding nature some people seem to just deny that there are certain things that defy common natural laws such as consciousness. People who claim to know what consciousness is are essentially lying to themselves to feel somewhat credible. As proven countless times consciousness does not originate from any sort of physical structure or process. It as such cannot be pinpointed.


    • Oh Z, thanks for the link, I had a quick look the other, but a bit too quick, because I noticed today you are wrong, there is a whopper in there that I am pretty sure I haven’t seen before. It is a revamped COOL study.


  5. Yes saw that too and totally forgot. It interesting to see it


  6. werner Bartl on said:

    But what do you think? sounds positive? Since they speak you have to rethink the nature of consciousness. Best regards from Austria


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