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DNA: the elephant in the lab – help needed!

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So this is what I have been up to for what seems like forever, but is actually only about 15 months. I know it’s not NDE related per se, however, it is directly relevant to the fundamental question of whether or not life is just a material thing. So it is in fact very relevant to the question of whether or not there is more to life than just eating, breeding and dying. This is also the question we look at with NDEs being evidence for the existence of a conscious that is not bound to the material realm. It does tie in…honest!

Anyway, I was “inspired” to write this after seeing the Governor General of Canada ridicule people who believe that life wasn’t the result of random processes (you tube link). This is a subject that I have some expertise in from my Ph.D. in organic medicinal chemistry where I messed around with nucleosides and amino acids, and my subsequent career in clinical research which involved drugs that affect DNA replication. I have also followed the literature on the origin of life over the years and read a number of books on the subject, but most of them are deathly boring…I have tried to break that trend and inject a bit of “life” into the subject. Apparently, according to one of my editors and my graphic designer, I have succeeded, and this is where you, my forum friends and lurkers can give me a massive helping hand.

  • Firstly, please buy a copy (I make about US$1.30 per copy whether it is paperback ($9.99 or ebook $2.99) – at worst, even if you don’t enjoy it, look at it as a donation for all the work I have done on this forum J . The ebook is available on Kindle, Kobo and most other ereaders in major markets (US, UK, Canada EU etc…it should even come to ibooks before too long as well). The paperback is more costly as it is print on demand, so the per unit production is the majority of the price. It is available at Amazon globally, and should be available in all other major on-line book stores within the next few days.
  • Secondly, if you buy it and enjoy it please please recommend it to all your friends through social media and write a positive review on the platform from which you bought it, giving some details as to why you enjoyed it. Without this it will flop and all the time and money that I have put into it will be for nothing…but more importantly, the truth about our origins will remain buried under the layers of fake news and misinformation that is propagated on this subject by the media and even scientists (examples given). If you hate it, PM me through the contact page as to why…please don’t post a nasty review…it may kill it. Likewise, if you find an error, please PM me.

Lastly the name…yes that is my real name on the cover, Ben Williams was the main protagonist in a novel I wrote years ago called Deadly Medicine. I have mentioned before that Ben is not my real name…so I’m sorry if you missed that and are disappointed that my real name is Orson Wedgwood. It may be that because of another blog I have set up, I may need to change my posting name here to Orson.

On that last point. This blog is about NDEs and specifically research into NDEs. It will remain that, and in fact I will become more active again as time goes by as I already have a working draft for a book that I will be writing on the subject. That working draft is Aware of Aware, but it is a bit rubbish and needs updating…when that is complete many of the regular contributors on here may recognize some of the things they have said since they help inform me and others. With that in mind…get me motivated to get on with that…buy a copy of DNA: the elephant in the lab and make me feel appreciated!

Links to the book at are below but searching for “DNA elephant in the lab” on any  book retailer globally, including your local amazon market, should work as well:

amazon US paperback link

amazon US kindle link

Thank you reading this far, and apologies if it was off topic…there will be one more post on this in a few weeks time, but otherwise, back to NDEs!!!

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15 thoughts on “DNA: the elephant in the lab – help needed!

  1. Ordered paper back there Ben


    • Thank you, much appreciated!


      • I am correct Ben that your British and Catholic? If so would your views on science and theology be in the same lines as the like of John Polkinghore and the like? As opposed to the more American fundamentalism approach? (My view be in line with Polkinghorne)


      • I am British (with Canadian citizenship), but go to the church of England…a less traditional one though. John Polkinghorne was C of E too, but my credentials are not as impressive as his.


  2. Ah your only young in comparison to John polkinghorne sonplenry of time yet. I’m Irish but am half way between Catholic and Anglican in view

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  3. Hope you are feeling better Ben

    Sometimes its behind a paywall sometimes it isn’t but the first paragraph pretty much says it all


    • Thanks David. To be honest i was relieved when he finally passed, he was in a bad way in the end. I really do hope he isn’t having eternal lessons in the Talmud! Not sure that appears in any NDEs…not the nice ones anyway 😉 I have a lot of empathy for the Jewish traditions, teaching and people, and not just because we share so much in terms of the roots of our faith. I do enjoy reading the Old testament…provided I skip over Leviticus and some of the other unpleasant bits!


  4. The ADEs allready seem to have proved a better deal than Sheoel so I doubt you will hear any Jewish objections. There is just a ban on necromany spiritualism don’t disturb them.

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  5. Hey, sorry, I dont know where else to ask this. Will buy the book when I have the money.

    So far, I have not seen any reply to Gerald Woerlees point about NDEs. That, as described in the Fick-equation, to a relatively small amount of people the bloodflow caused by cardiac massage is enough to keep the patients somewhat conscious – this small amount of people being the 20% of people with an NDE. Supposedly, the studies cited by Parnia to argue against this objection only establish that *on the average* the bloodflow wont be enough to support consciousness, something that Woerlee agrees with. Also, to argue for this point, Woerlee also cites the AWARE-study which does show that a certain percentage of people do in fact have conscious awareness during cardiac arrest, eventhough said episodes were not NDEs.

    All of this sounds fairly reasonable to me, yet I lack the neurological education to really evaluate these claims. So far, though, NDE proponents and opponents have been relatively unphazed by Woerlees objection, the former seemingly not taking it seriously, the latter not using it to support their case.

    Can you guys help me out? Maybe link me a source discussing this? Thanks in advance


  6. Its not so much nllod flow its elecrical activity. That is off . The blood flow just keeps cells alive.


  7. Atlantic has a great article on consciousness and animals this month. Maybe someone can link. I will be at my linking computer next week. I just can’t do it on mobile.


  8. I’m excited to read your book, Ben/Orson. Bought a copy shortly after you posted. I’ve always been dismayed by popular headlines about the origin of life being settled in favor of materialism, but coming from a lay background couldn’t really evaluate claims much either way. Thanks for taking the time to explain the details for people with a non science background.


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