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Welcome. This page gives details about the book after which the site is named. The Blog is focused on presenting and discussing research that is most relevant to understanding the Near Death Experience, as well as keeping up to date on the progress of the AWARE study. Click on the BLOG link to get the latest news, reviews and opinions on NDE research.

Aware Of Aware

The Aware study is arguably one of the most important scientific studies ever conducted. Aware of Aware was written based on the assumption that there is a proven Out Of Body Experience in the AWARE study and therefore the Near Death Experience is proven real. It analyses common findings from Near Death research and assesses the enourmous implications based on this evidence. Does the soul really exist, and what happens to it after death? What do the accounts of heaven and hell mean? Why do only ten percent have an NDE? Is it because only ten percent remember their NDE, or is there a genetic reason, or most controversially, can the soul die? Is the Being Of Light God and if so which, if any, of the self-proclaimed prophets best represent this light? Click on the link to buy a copy from, also available on most other Amazon sites across the world. However, I am writing a new book that will include data from other studies, so you may want to wait I publish that instead.

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