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Contacting me directly

If you have questions or want to comment about NDEs or NDE research, please post a comment on a post in the blog, that way we all learn from each other. (note that the first time you post a comment I need to approve it, which may not be immediately. After that all is good)

If you have any specific feedback about this site then please fill out the form below. Please note that I don’t always pick up the notifications as they go in my spam folder and sometimes I suspect that trolls are trying to waste my time so may not answer as I am super busy:

3 thoughts on “Contacting me directly

  1. Pierre Lussier on said:

    could you be kind enough to tell me what means recruitments in Dr. Parnia’s words?
    Is it hospital numbers or patients? If it is patients, how do he knows in advance those who will have a cardiac arrest?

    please have another great day of …patience. Sir


  2. Paul M Battista on said:

    I’ve been studying NDES for many years now. I run a Facebook page called project consciousness Facebook page. It’s very informative about NDES and similar phenomenon. Feel free to check it out and post any comments or articles you like.


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