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Life review – just the brain closing down…really?

I love this clip, which I think is from the video of the discussion from a month back, which has now been posted on YouTube, but I just want to focus on this as these accounts are a huge lesson for all humanity:

This is one of the researchers from Parnia’s lab who describes a fairly typical account of a life review. These are almost always reported in exactly the same terms. When you listen to this, it is an absolute nonsense to believe that this could possibly be a result of the Brain shutting down.

Really worth watching. Other videos have been posted on their YouTube channel:

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190 thoughts on “Life review – just the brain closing down…really?

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  1. Nemesis on said:

    It was on YouTube a while ago but I don’t remember what it was called


  2. anna on said:

    Good to know. Thank you!


  3. anna on said:

    Thanks Tim, appreciate the discussion. Take care.


    • @anna

      You’re every kind, anna, thanks ! With reference to the book, large parts of it are rather heavy going so I wouldn’t personally recommend it as a must read. But of course there are some really interesting revelations in there.

      @Ben, no worries, thanks !


  4. anna on said:

    hi again nemesis, just a note I haven’t been able to find the video on youtube so if you do happen to find it, it would be great if you could post it here. Thanks : )


  5. Mateo Pricoli on said:

    Can someone explain to me the whole situation that occurred with parnia in the last 4 months approximately? I saw that they said that parnia endorsed vicente’s study and said that aware is going the same way, (in a 2-hour zoom) but now I see more optimism, I speak Spanish so I can’t watch a 2-hour video in English since I don’t understand English (listening to it, reading it if I can) the reality is that these issues make me very anxious and not being able to understand the situation anguishes me


    • @Mateo Pricoli

      Hi, Mateo ! All we can say based on what Parnia has written in his Bigelow essay and also in the new guidelines paper on ‘Recalled Experiences of Death’ (the new term for authentic NDE’s) is that he obviously believes that consciousness continues after the brain has stopped functioning.

      Or more precisely, that cardiac arrest patients can have lucid, well structured thought processes with reasoning and memory formation, when their brains are off line.

      Reductionist materialists would object to that and say that clearly my brain is not functioning, but I don’t know how else to state it, based on what we’ve all read and discussed on here recently. If anyone else has got any other take on it and I am in error, please feel free.


      • Mateo on said:

        Could you pass me the RED document? in the zoom where he talks about the gamma activity continuing after the stoppage, before saying that he was showing a dualistic vision?


      • Mateo on said:

        Could you pass me the RED document? in the zoom where he talks about the gamma activity continuing after the stoppage, before saying that he was showing a dualistic vision? Bigelow’s essay does not give me much confidence, you have to remember that there were millionaire prizes at stake, he could perfectly have said something he does not think


      • @Mateo

        Mateo, as a scientist, Parnia has to be as balanced as he can. The gamma activity that was seen on the EEG of the dying man is of no significance at all with regard to near death experience. He knows it and so does everyone else who knows anything about the research.

        However, because it’s been written up in a paper and presented by one his colleagues, Parnia can’t just dismiss it as rubbish; he has comment, say something that sounds reasonable, hence his remarks about neural disinhibition and how deeper parts of the brain might come into play etc when close to death.

        It sounds like he’s saying that NDE’s could be caused by the brain dying etc but for so many reasons that I’ve already pointed out, as has Ben and others on here, it’s a non starter and what’s more he doesn’t really think that at all. He was just correctly trying to be as impartial as he can when publicly speaking about it. We discussed all this previously.

        Link to the paper

        Click to access Parnia-et-al.-Shirazi-2022.pdf

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  6. Dr Reincarnation on said:
    Would you like to compare activities in dceased brain and after dmt?
    I have read that after dmt we have theta waves and when we die we have, gamma, theta, beta, delta and theta, what foes that mean. Does that debunk dmt theories?

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    • Charlie on said:

      Sure seems to. They finally got a dying brain EEG, so shouldn’t be the same as brain on a DMT trip? That wasn’t the case. Notwithstanding the lack of evidence that DMT exists in the body to the degree to cause such a trip or that it would cause the extensive experiences of RED (life review chief among them). So chalk it up to a psychedelic experience which could share similar properties but does not explain RED.
      As far as Parnia, he sure seems open to all possibilities but it would be so much more beneficial for him, financially and professionally, to not pander to the RED believers, so his particpation in the “fringe” bigelow contest and his comments supporting dualism and the “antenna” hypothesis should carry some weight as to his real opinion


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