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No News is…No News

So there were no results from the Aware study published in November, contrary to what Sam Parnia had told us earlier in the year. If there had been anything then the Horizon website, or the IANDS website would have referenced it by now. This is obviously very disappointing for anyone, like myself, who has been waiting for the results with great anticipation for a number of years. Depending on your personality type you might react to this in a number of different ways:


  •  Optimist: No news is good news…the Aware study team have had a number of verified OBEs recently, and are thoroughly investigating and validating these reports so that they withstand the kind of rigorous scientific scrutiny which they would no doubt be subjected to.
  •  Pessimist: No news is bad news…the study team have become so bored by the lack of verified NDEs that they couldn’t be bothered to write the results of the study up.
  •  Conspiracy Theorist: No news means the Government/Illimunati/dragon people have got to Dr. Parnia and his colleagues, destroyed all the data proving the existence of the soul so they can continue to turn mankind into debt ridden slaves to the corporate masters that control the world.
  •  Scientist: No news is…no news. Without knowledge of the results by being involved with the study or knowing any of the investigators, any attempt at trying to interpret the lack of data is futile.


I am a scientist, first and foremost, but a bit of an optimist too, so I am hoping the delay is due to the fact that they do have something interesting to write up. If you have read Aware of Aware, then you will know that I predicted there should be at least a couple of verified OBEs if the soul does indeed exist…and since I am convinced in myself that our conscious is an entity that will persist beyond our physical deaths, and that our bodies are no more just meat suits, I will be surprised if there are no positive results at all.

 Whatever the reason for the extended delay, it is frustrating, and I do hope that it won’t be too long before Dr. Parnia puts us out of our misery.  

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