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Premature Publication

In my impatience with the progress of the AWARE studies, my frustration at the lack of clarification from Sam Parnia about the auditory reports he presented in November 2019, and my eagerness to get my “message” out there to coincide with the “Surviving Death” series, I hit the publish button on my book too soon. Having reread it again, the book relies on more convincing data from the AWARE studies to really stand on its own, so I have unpublished it.

What did frustrate me a little was some communication I received on the issue of my bringing “God” into the discussion, and how it reduced my credibility. I go with the evidence, and NDE reports include encounters with a supreme Being Of Light that many describe as God. That is a fact, and to ignore it is to ignore evidence on one of the most important questions man has.

I am going to be true to my word and go with the evidence now. To date the AWARE studies have failed to provide proper scientific validation of OBEs, and until they do my book will go back on ice.

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17 thoughts on “Premature Publication

  1. karl coulby on said:

    Keep up the great work Ben, look forwards to reading it someday when you publish it! Love your posts 😀

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  2. No bother Orson. Cancelled order there


  3. I respect everyone’s opinion, but I also believe that God has no place in something as important as near-death experiences. He has no place beyond what a person can perceive in those experiences when his heart stops, of course


  4. I’m sorry to hear this. I thought the book was great. I fortunately ordered it on kindle immediately upon publishing and thoroughly enjoyed it, including the spiritual parts. The only part I found troubling was the discussion about the possible reason for only 10% of older people having NDEs being due to soul death. I would like to think there are alternative explanations such as soul disconnection from the body because the idea of soul death I found quite disturbing. I’d be interested though in some further discussion on this blog of this question. I’ve never had an NDE but have experienced the hollow darkness in the vicinity of others that was discussed in the book, afterword I looked online and found some interesting information on the “realm of outer darkness” from Edgar Cayce readings, including the following:

    Thanks again for your work on this blog and the book. I think it just needs to be reframed to something like NDE: Near Death Experiences and Aware Studies – What We Know So far or the Knowledge to Date. I say this because even though the Aware Studies are still in progress your book was a great introduction and helped me understand what has happened thus far and to ponder the ramifications and meanings of what we have learned so far from a spiritual and scientific perspective. Thank you!


    • Hi Anna, that is really encouraging feedback. One of the reasons I took it off is that I reread it and came across the sentence “The momentous results of the AWARE studies”…what a load of nonsense! I originally wrote this book in preparation for such results to occur, but oh my goodness we have been waiting so long! So I may well take your thoughts and change a few things based on some early feedback (t costs me about $200 to change things though which is why I want to wait till I have a better idea of things). I’m not sure I can change the title, and I think “proof of the soul and God?” Are now linked to the ISBN, which I can’t change either I don’t think.

      On your other point, I have already thought about the whole death of the soul thing and come up with another potential explanation that I didn’t explore, but my current work in Alzherimer’s research has made me ponder. The brain loses some function as we grow older, as I discuss in the book, but the changes in memory alone in normal ageing (non-dementia ageing) do not account for the decline in percentages of NDE experiences. However, what if the very highest functions of the brain, the ones that engage the “spiritual realm” are more sensitive to minor incremental changes in brain health as you age, and that the ability to recall this experience is related to that rather than to the ability of teh brain to recall memories from the physical realm.

      Yes, good to have this discussion, I will start a thread soon.


  5. Hi Ben, thanks for your reply. I can understanding more now how it is tricky and can definitely see why you would want to wait until more substantial results from the Aware study were available – it would be the best option, but as you say the wait has been longer than expected. I suppose something I hadn’t thought of also is if results do appear in the future that this would result in a second book on the same topic (although not unheard of). I would definitely encourage you to do whatever feels best to you. I just wanted to let you know I found what you had written very interesting and helpful. I hadn’t known all the background information that was in the book so I learned a lot, and as mentioned very much enjoyed the spiritual parts as well.

    I’m happy to hear there are some other explanations for the 10% NDE results as the idea of soul death is a little disturbing and something I hope does not prove true.

    I agree with you on the incredible shift in understanding the Aware studies could bring and am especially hopeful about Aware 3 for obtaining more results.

    Thanks again for all the work you have put into your books and this blog. Whichever path you choose I am sure it will be the best one and I look forward to reading what you write here and in your books. Take care.

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  6. When you say God, most people automatically assume you mean a personal God in the christian sense, and they don’t agree with the religious/biblical notion of God. I am one such person, but I won’t say it reduces “your credibility”, as long as you’re not saying specific things are true without evidence. There’s just a strong bias against the biblical God, even among some non materialists, better to say beings of light imo won’t raise any prejudices among the readers. NDE researchers like Sam and Bruce try to avoid any discussion of God and focus on the tangible aspects of NDEs.


    • I guess I must hold my hands up, and say that because of my personal beliefs, I will say more than Sam and Bruce are prepared to say. It’s a fine line to walk, as I honestly just want to stimulate thinking on this subject, but at the same time I am wedded to an evangelistic belief system. Squaring the circle is not always easy.


    • BTW, good to hear from you again…been a while!


  7. Werner Bartl on said:
    Interwi by Sam Parnia, and why he refused to take part in the Netflix documentary

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    • Thanks Werner, great pick-up, and reflects my thoughts on the series. First episode good, the rest pretty rubbish and unfortunately discredits the first episode. Parnia chose wisely.

      “Parnia was asked to participate in “Surviving Death,” he said, but he turned the producers down because the show made no distinction between scientific research on topics such as the recalled experience of death and the pseudoscience of ghosts and mediums.”


  8. I found this quote from the article interesting:

    “Dr. Sam Parnia…surveyed survivors of cardiac arrest and found that of the 140 interviewees, 46% had a sense of being conscious during the event”

    It reminds me of what reader Monique reported after she had an operation in which her heart was temporarily stopped:

    “This friday I had my operation. No near death experience guys 👐 Just a black hole. Nevertheless there is something that is aware of that too!”

    So according to the Aware research almost half of survivors had a sense of awareness like Monique had even though only 10% reported a typical NDE.


  9. Bigalow Instiute for Consciousness studies. Check it out on Google news. He has a contest that I think Parnia has won.


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