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New Project

I have received a few comments and messages recently that I haven’t posted anything on this blog. Guilty as charged. There are two reasons.

The first is that there has been no major news in this field of research over the past month or so. The next phase of the AWARE study has been announced, and the design of the study made available to view. Now we must be patient. If they are only going to include Cardiac Arrests who survive AND who had the opportunity to see the screen with the image, then I do believe their target date of May 2016 is ambitious given the stats from the first study. I also have concerns that the current methods may still miss possible OBEs given that the AWARE teams will be arriving at some point after the CA, and therefore the OBE part of the NDE may have been and gone. However, short of installing screens in every room of the hospital, this is a reasonable, cost effective fix to the problems outlined in my previous posts. Also, being completely unscientific, I have faith that if it is important [meant] for the NDE to be validated, then it will happen. From a design perspective, I do think it is important that the recorder/programmer(s) involved with generating the images and/or holding the tablet above the patient are not involved with the interviews or collection of data from interviews, and that those who do the interviews and record information on observations are “blinded” to any possible content produced by the tablets. This will help enhance the credibility of any validated OBEs.

The second reason is that I have begun a new project which will produce posts on here from time to time (aiming for monthly). This project is specifically looking at accounts of the Being of Light from recorded NDEs. I do believe this is the most important aspect of the experience, and will be discussing this more in future posts.

So, going forward, I will be producing my first post from my project by the end of February. In addition, I will continue to follow scientific literature for any new data emerging from NDE research and posting my thoughts on it here.

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