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The Being of Light and the Middle East

One experience that is common to many people who experience NDEs is that they encounter the Being of Light, hereafter referred to as BOL for the sake of convenience. Many will report that BOL is the prophet they associate with their religious background, or that BOL is in fact God. BOL is universally described as a being that emanates pure love on an indescribable scale. None of the encounters that I have read describe BOL as a merciless monster inclined to throwing “sinners” into a pit, or giving instructions to the experiencer to go out and lop the heads off all unbelievers. So why is it that so many in the Middle East think that it is God’s will to murder others on an industrial scale because they don’t share the same understanding of who God is?

Modern apologists will blame it on the Americans who have dabbled in Middle Eastern politics and waged war in the region for a number of decades. Others will blame Israel and claim its treatment of the Palestinians is the root cause of all the problems, others will blame the teachings of Islam. But mass violence has been a characteristic of religious strife in the Middle East for recorded history. Over 3,000 years ago, Moses commanded the Jews to cross the Jordan and take the land of Canaan leaving no one alive, a command carried out by Joshua. Does this sound like something BOL would ask of anyone? There were many other atrocities committed in the Old Testament. After the Jews, many atrocities were committed in the name of Christ, and then came Mohammad, whose actions and commands give every aspiring Jihadist all the justification he needs.

Do any of these represent BOL? It is a very important question, perhaps the most important. We are currently living in pre-AWARE result times, the days before the results of the AWARE study are published and no confirmed OBEs have been reported. It may be that the days after the publication of the AWARE study, are also devoid of this vital smoking gun of a scientifically verified OBE, but I am certain that one day the evidence will come to light that the NDE is real, and when it does everything changes, not least man’s interpretation of religious texts.

If the NDE is proven real, then so to, by inference, are the other associated experiences, including encounters with BOL. This is incredibly significant and should give all of mankind pause for thought as to whether they have been hoodwinked by the so called prophets of old. We will suddenly have a verified yard stick to measure the commands and actions of these prophets against a being who might actually be God. Any prophet, or follower of a prophet, who promotes violence, or hatred etc is not speaking for BOL as nowhere is there any evidence from any NDE that such behavior is ever sanctioned.

This is a subject that I discuss at length in the book Aware of Aware. It is a subject that the men rampaging across Iraq and Syria at the moment would do well to consider, not just for the sake of those they are murdering, but for the sake of their own souls. As I mentioned in my previous post, there is evidence that the soul may not be eternal, and I’m pretty convinced that no NDE has reports of dozens of virgins waiting for those who have slaughtered others. 

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One thought on “The Being of Light and the Middle East

  1. Imre Ungor on said:

    Hello.When I was 24 years of age,I have decided to learn meditation.One evening before going out,I laid down on my bed.The next thing I was floating just under the light fixture,seeing myself on the bed.Please contact me,and I will tell you the rest of story.


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