Evolving news on the science, writing and thinking about Near Death Experiences (NDEs)


Welcome. This blog is focused on presenting and discussing research that is relevant to understanding the Near Death Experience, as well as keeping up to date on the progress of the AWARE study. Click on the BLOG link to get the latest news, reviews and opinions on NDE research.

The book below, written by Dr. Orson Wedgwood (pseudonym Ben Williams), the author of this blog, is now available on Amazon. It is a summary of the key evidence proving that OBEs, and therefore NDEs are real. It also reviews the implications of what this means regarding the persistence of the consciousness or soul beyond death; evidence from NDEs that there is a God; and the fact that the incidence of NDE reports decline with age. One potential, and controversial, explanation for the latter is that the longer we live, the higher the chance that our “soul” dies when our bodies do. 


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